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At Xtreme Multimedia Marketing, we create compelling websites by using the latest responsive website technologies including AMP-HTML, ensuring that your website will display correctly no matter what type of device or display resolution your visitor is using.

In today's ever-changing marketplace, it's absolutely crucial to have a robust mobile website presence as well as maintaining a captivating experience for Desktop users. With an Xtreme Responsive Website, we make sure that both needs are met with a single website. Websites designed using AMP-HTML technologies are built on a mobile-first platform, optimized for lightning-fast page loads for limited bandwidth devices such as mobile phones and tablets that use a cellular internet connection. Let's face it if a website takes to long to load on our phone; we'll likely just move on. 

Although AMP HTML was originally intended for mobile applications, it has since proved to be an excellent choice for full-size versions of websites as well. Rather than serving separate desktop and mobile versions of sites, AMP allows for the development of a single website that displays equally well across all display platforms providing instantly loading assets for a much more captivating experience.

Xtreme does more than just AMP-HTML as well. If you're looking for a flashier, more interactive website, we can help with that too. We have experienced designers who work with all modern frameworks such as Bootstrap, Foundation, or even Word Press applications if you're looking for a CMS based website.

Contact Xtreme today and see what we can do for you!

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Website Hosting | Domain Registration 

Xtreme Multimedia Marketing is truly your one-stop solution for a professional online presence. Not only can we design and build your website, but we also offer domain registration and hosting services on our dedicated web server, eliminating the need for third parties hosting solutions.

Our web servers are located just north of the border in Beauharnois, Canada, in the OVH Cloud Network. By employing OVH as our mainframe, we assure our clients the best infrastructure for a reliable website, domain email, and business applications.

How about security? Every hosting package we offer comes with an SSL Certificate with SHA-256 RSA Encryption giving your website the security required and your visitors the trust that any information they may provide is safe. 

Contact us today (330) 577-8766 and ask about our bundled packages that include website development, domain registration and the first year of hosting! 





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